GQ-NOV 2021

GQ & Glamor Market by Buchanan's Gifting House is a celebration of the creativity that we love so much in Mexico and Latin America. In Mexico City, from November 24 to 28, 2021, we enjoyed a new hot spot where we could enjoy and share the best of design, fashion, personal care and a completely luxury lifestyle.

Here, under the curatorship of two brands that lead the publishing industry around the world – GQ and Glamor by Condé Nast – the best brands for your gift list this season came together . All at your fingertips, in one place and complying with the most demanding standards so that your shopping experience is top-notch. Just as you deserve it, after 15 years of accompanying us on a path of success in the Latin American market.

In the heart of the Polanco neighborhood , in CDMX , we were able to find this innovative lifestyle market format and concept inside Casa Castelar , on Avenida Emilio Castelar 131. Throughout the event, payment security was in charge of Clip technology , while we enjoy the best cocktails at Buchanan's .


Footwear like no other. To give something very personal and unique, we had Elán designs, which we could personalize with very cool lettering.

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